With our latest release on the 15th March 2019, the menus were reorganised.

As EduKit Insight has evolved, so have the options within the menus, and with a change to the dashboard we took the opportunity to re-organise the menus into a more sensible configuration.

All the options that were there before exist in the new structure.

This new structure organises the menus into 4 main sections.

  • School view (the dashboard)
  • Cohort view (cohort survey results and cohort management)
  • Student view (student search)
  • Admin (student upload, survey configuration & account)

Before the Students > Cohorts sub menu showed the cohorts that have been built and opportunity to create more. This has moved out and has been grouped with the other cohort menu items in Cohorts Analysis > Create & Manage Cohorts.

The original Wellbeing Survey menu has been split, and items relating to viewing wellebing results at School and Cohort level now exist in those menu items, and the administration of the surveys sits in Survey Admin.

If you have any questions about this new menu structure, please do contact us via the chat icon or email.

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