At EduKit we take data security very seriously. We have published a range of documents including our GDPR Statement and a Privacy Policy for EduKit Insight. You can read these at

However, below are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers regarding data.

What/Where/Why/Who/How Questions

# Question Response Comments
1 What volume of personal data is being processed? Unknown It would be all the student records that you choose to send to EduKit
2 For what purpose is personal data being used? To provide student wellbeing and intervention tracking
3 Is the personal data being used to support a product or service? Yes, EduKit Insight
4 What operations are applied to the data? There are 2 possibilities:

1. Data is uploaded from a csv file

2. A connection to the MIS is used (Wonde) to collect and upload selected data

In both cases, data is received by EduKit and written to a database where the personal data is encrypted
5 Where is the personal data held? In AWS (Amazon Web Services)
6 What levels of security are maintained? Sensitive data is encrypted within the database. We use AWS in Ireland to hold our data - they offer high levels of security. Here is further detail on this: AWS Info
7 From which countries is personal data accessed by your organisation? From within the EEA only
8 To which countries is data transferred to? The data is only physically stored in Ireland
9 Do you have any suppliers that support your system and/or can access personal data? Texuna
10 Has a specific IRP schedule been defined covering personal data? We retain data for up to 12 months after licence termination, in line with our Terms of service
11 Is a process for governing the IRP is place so that data is not hold for longer than necessary? Yes - we not hold data longer than is necessary
12 Has the system itself been protected? The platform is hosted on AWS with secure passwords and processes. 
13 How do you ensure personal data is protected? Personal data fields are encrypted within the database. Access is only provided to EduKit staff to support  the school in using the product. The primary user at the school controls which other users have access
14 Do you have Data Segregation capability? The data is stored within the EduKit database. There isn’t any segregation.
15 Do you have a means of porting and reporting personal data? If a school makes a subject access request we can provide an export of the data we store
16 Is the personal data subject to any manual processing? No

Processed Data Questions

# Question Response
1 What types of personal data do you process? The list of data fields are available at Data Fields
2 What categories of personal data do you process? Please see above list
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