Terms for Suppliers

It is free to list your support programme or intervention on EduKit Connect.

To do so, suppliers must agree to the following Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct
We have all required safeguarding policies in place i.e. a safe from harm policy and DBS screening for staff and volunteers
For each programme that we wish to upload, we will provide details of at least one teacher or education professional who is willing to provide visible feedback on their experience to be displayed on our site
We have all necessary insurance in place i.e. public liability insurance. We are using this service in good faith and agree to provide honest, accurate information in response to all questions. We will advise the EduKit team immediately should our circumstances change.

By signing up to this service, you consent to EduKit using your logo and / or name for marketing purposes. However, if you would like to withdraw this consent, please email support@edukit.org.uk.

All the suppliers listed on EduKit Connect are invited to contact us regarding free promotion through our Daily Deals marketing.

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