Daily Deal Supplier Terms

Daily Deal process - how it works

  • The Daily Deal is a free service offered by EduKit whereby we email staff at schools with details of interventions or support that can benefit the school or their students. 
  • Any member of school staff who wish to accept the Daily Deal, complete a form, providing their name, school, role and contact information. Those details are received by the EduKit team and then forwarded to you.

By registering for a Daily Deal you are committing to the following:

  • That you have all required safeguarding policies in place i.e. a safe from harm policy and DBS screening for staff and volunteers and take reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of any students in your care
  • That you have all necessary insurance in place e.g. public liability insurance
  • That you using this service in good faith and agree to provide honest, accurate information in response to all questions. You will advise the EduKit team immediately should your circumstances change.
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