Deleting an Intervention

If an intervention has been logged incorrectly (maybe the finance details were wrong, or it was logged against the wrong students) the simplest fix is to delete the intervention and log it again.

Deleting an intervention is done from the Snapshot page.

As a reminder, when an intervention is logged, it is logged against a cohort of students. That cohort is a dynamic list of students that meet the filters you have chosen, such as Year Group and Attendance. When the intervention is logged, a Snapshot is taken of those students.

To delete an intervention, navigate to the snapshot for that intervention.  The easiest way to do this is to go to a student page for any student that has that intervention, and click on the Chain Link icon in the first column titled Snapshot.

This takes you to the Snapshot created for logging that intervention. Here click Then log the intervention again with the revised information.

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