Add Suppliers and Log Interventions

Within EduKit Insight, suppliers can be added. These may be external companies or organisations that you are already using. Some schools choose to add the school itself as a supplier.

Every supplier can have multiple interventions. These are the activities provided by the supplier, that may or may not have a cost, which you would like recorded on student profiles.

For example, ABC Academy may list itself as a supplier, and then add the intervention of Year 7 Teaching Assistant. Next they could add a Museum as a supplier, and add their Space Science Workshop as an intervention.

1 - Add a new Supplier

Choose Suppliers from the main menu.

Click add new

Add the supplier name and a description.

2 - Add an intervention

Once a supplier is created, an intervention can be created.

Either immediately after creating the supplier, or after choosing the supplier from the list of created suppliers, click add intervention

Enter the name and description of the intervention. Costs are added when the intervention is logged against students.

3 - Log Intervention

Choose Students from the main menu.

Choose Log Intervention from the sub menu.

Choose the cohort of students that have benefitted from the intervention.

Choose the correct budget if you wish to record the costs.

Click Log Intervention.

Choose your supplier and the particular intervention.

A second box will appear that allows you to add the cost as a total cost for the cohort, or a per student cost. 

Also add dates of when the intervention will/did take place and for how long it will run, if required.

Click Log Intervention.

Any student within the cohort at the time that the intervention was logged, will now have this intervention recorded on their Student Profile Page.

Additional Pupil Premium Budget Information

If an intervention is logged against a cohort of students, which has a cost, and the budget used is the Pupil Premium budget, the costs are only divided across the Pupil Premium students. EduKit Insight identifies Pupil Premium students from a combination of the year group they are in, and whether the FSM6 (Ever 6) field is marked as Yes.

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