Survey Set Up

A step by step guide to organising wellbeing surveys


Create a Survey Link

Click the Survey Admin menu item

Click Create New Survey Group button.

Each wellbeing survey requires a group of students who will complete it, and the time of year (either Autumn, Spring or Summer).

You can create bespoke cohorts of students from the Students - Create Cohort menu or you can choose a year group.

Choose the cohort of students and choose the time of year you are running this survey.

If you would like each student to have a PIN to access their survey, tick Survey pins.

Completing step 1 will provide you with a short URL link. Make a note of this survey link, by writing it down, or copy and paste it into an email or document.


Set a school Survey Password

Now set the school password so that only students from your school can access the survey.

To do this click on Click Survey password and enter a new password. Make a note of this password as this needs to be shared along with the survey URL to your students.

Please note the survey password is valid for all survey URLs. So if it is changed after students have been given the old password, they will need to be told the new one.


Tell your students

Issue the survey URL and password to the participating students. 

We advise surveys are done under supervision. 

Surveys take on average 7 minutes to complete.

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