CSV Upload

If you do not have a school MIS or do not wish to connect to it, you can still benefit from EduKit Insight.

We offer schools the ability to upload a data file of their students.

You will need to prepare a CSV file (comma separated values) with your student data. The file will have between 4 and 6 columns.

We suggest that if you have a small number of students, please download and use this file EduKit.csv

If you have a large number of students, ask your data manager to create a CSV file using the information below.

The columns are to be populated as follows...

Column Contents Data Mandatory or Optional
First Name * String Mandatory
Last Name * String Mandatory
Gender * M or F Mandatory
Year Group * String Mandatory
Registration Group String Optional
House String Optional

An example row would look like this

Harry,Potter,M,Year 10,10B,Gryffindor

If you are creating this file in Excel - please make sure you Save As Type: CSV (MS-Dos)

Once you have created a file of your students, upload it using the Upload menu item.

If you are ready to proceed and need advice on the next steps, please contact us at [email protected]

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