Cohorts are logical collections of students. They can be a simple and unchanging group of students such as

Year 7, Males

or they can be more complex groups that change over time such as

Year 8, Pupil Premium, Attendance less than 80%

Creating cohorts allows you to create a group of students that you would like to analyse. Note that students may be members of more than one cohort, and also the members of one cohort may change over time. Cohorts are used to log interventions and to organise wellbeing surveys.

To create a cohort

1 - Navigate to the Cohort section

Choose Cohorts Analysis from the menu, and then choose Create & Manage Cohorts 2 - Select Create new Cohort

3 - Use the available filters to create your cohorts

For example, Year 7, Males, FSM=No, FSM6=Yes, Attendance=0 to 85%

Premium schools can also create cohorts using the wellbeing survey data.

For example, Year 8, Females, Self-Esteem < 75%

All of these filters work together using AND logic. So only students where they match every filter option are included. Only the first 3 filters at the top (Year Group, Registration Group, and Ethnicity) work with OR logic. So if more than one year group is chosen along with attendance above 95%, then students in any of the chosen year groups who have that attendance, are included.

4 - Check the student list

Once the list of students has been generated, unselect any students who you wish to exclude (if any). Once completed, save and name your cohort.

Cohorts can be deleted and this will not affect any logged interventions.

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