Bespoke Fund Matching Service

This document details the terms and conditions for services delivered by The Funded Team - part of EduKit Solutions Ltd (“us|we|our”) to your organisation (“you|your”).

By paying for the bespoke fund matching service from us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.


This document details the process that we undertake to look for grant and trust funders and includes what you should expect from us and what we should expect from you.

Every organisation and project has its own unique starting point and ambition. Therefore each fund search is unique in its complexity and each will take a different amount of time and effort to complete. 

Fund Matching Process

The fund matching process is adaptable to circumstances, but generally follows these steps.

  1. Data gathering where you provide us details on your organisation and project. This is completed using an online questionnaire and potentially a telephone call.
  2. Fund matching
  3. Delivery of these funds to you

Our Responsibilities

  • We will review your organisation and project and review documents and materials provided by you.
  • Suggest possible fund matches for either (1) one specific project or (2) general organisational funding

Your Responsibilities

  • You have a clearly defined project or general organisational costs that you wish to secure funding for
  • Provide appropriate organisation and project information and materials (see below) in good time
  • Attend any call as necessary
  • Respond to additional requests for further information in a timely manner
  • Inform us of any applications that you have already written, funds that you have identified for your pipeline or funds you intend to apply for

Organisation & Project Information

It is true that the more information we have, the better we will understand your organisation and project. However, we require you to summarise your project and in so doing, provide us with the necessary information in the most efficient manner possible. It is very likely that we will still need to ask you questions, and we ask that when you provide the answers, you do so explicitly and do not send us documents where the answer lies within.

Our aim is to provide you with up to 20 funds as options, which may range from small to large funders. Please note that some projects that have compressed timelines, the nature of the project or limitations imposed by you, may result in fewer fund match options found. The actual number of funds identified may vary.


When we have started looking for funds, you may wish to speak to your account manager at different times. We ask that you email and request a meeting at


It is possible that after the fund matching process has started, the project or organisation changes in such a way that there is a consequential impact on our search. Unfortunately, these changes are not covered by the initial fee (please see Schedule 1 for these additional costs). In these instances, we will notify you of these costs and you will agree and pay to them, prior to us continuing our fund search.


If you wish to cancel the fund matching service, please email and we will stand down the team assigned. However, please note our fees are non-refundable.

Other points

The Funded Team is the trading name of EduKit Solutions Ltd (Company Number 08854410) and our VAT Registration Number is 183756865.

Schedule 1


If we charge for our time, the fees are calculated for each hour engaged (telephone call, emails, fund searching etc). The hourly rate is: £75 + VAT.

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